02 July 2004

I have nothing against Jim Tracy intentionally walking Barry Bonds, but does Tracy have to look like he's giving Bonds an obscene gesture with his four fingers?

Jason Schmidt was not himself last night, giving up tying runs each time the Giants pulled ahead. He gave up two home runs for his second start in a row, solo shots this time to Paul Lo Duca and Shawn Green. (Barry Bonds hit a solo shot of his own, thus ensuring that he'd not see another pitch during the game.) Schmidt's ERA has jumped from 2.26 before last Friday's game against the A's, to 2.61 following the loss last night.

He did increase his home runs allowed for the year by 66% in those two games, though. Looking at his career stats, the ace had slight trouble with long shots in 1998 and 1999, serving up 24 in each of those seasons, in 214.1 and 212.2 innings, respectively. Since then, however, he hasn't given up more than 1 per 10 innings over a full season, and he's at 10/107 right now. Not a problem. The average batter against him this year is still only hitting .182/.249/.303.

The Giants loss drops them to 6-7 this year against the southern California rivals. The first six games of the set may be difficult to remember--any team that goes 10-14 in April can be difficult to watch. Against the other current second place team, the Padres, the Giants have a 2-5 record. So obviously, the club has shown it can trounce those who dare challenge...

12 May 2004

Pedro Feliz can't hit a curveball to save his life, and they still throw him fastballs. It's astounding, and it's astounding to watch with regularity what he does with the fastballs he gets. So Feliz has 7 homers now, Jason Schmidt has 1, and Barry Bonds has 1 hit in his last, what, twenty at-bats now?

11 May 2004

Don't blame me. The Giants are just not that interesting right now. Jerome Williams gave up two runs in the top of the 1st inning just now, and I have to look at Michael Tucker leading off the bottom? That's bullshit.

27 April 2004

Also, if you'll click the link before you'll understand this: You are in so much trouble if your Player of the Game is Neifi Perez.
This is a joke, right? I was following the game online, and I left after the 8th inning. I said in the Baseball Primer Game Chatter, in the middle of the bottom of the 8th, "We can win this, can't we?" Well, no. No we can't.

I was also following the A's game online. After leading for 7 innings, up three in the 8th their bullpen gave up five runs and the lead. I said to my friend Matt, "The worst bullpen collapse I've seen in a while. Well, no. Not after seeing the Giants game later in the evening.

Most likely--okay, almost assuredly--the Giants bottom of the 9th of Hammonds, Cruz, and Snow wouldn't have scored two runs. Not off of John Smoltz. But c'mon, we can't extend the dreaming a half hour or so? These Giants are a bad team, but I at least want a meaningful bottom of the damn 9th. That's all I ask of these men.

23 April 2004

Minutes later

Well that sucked. 6-11.
It's the bottom of the 12th. Bonds was intentionally walked for the fourth time, in the top half of the inning. After watching this inept offense sans Barry, will anyone pitch to Bonds?
Game Chatters are fun. Why, just this evening I had my innocence corrupted by some bad men who wanted to drink while we watched baseball. Imagine how drunk you'd be if you took a drink after each:

neifi weak ground out
Bonds left on base
any player GIDP
hustling to take second with Bonds on deck
making third out with bonds on deck
walks opposing player on 4 pitches
walks opposing 7-8-9 hitter
walks opposing pitcher (these are cumulative, so if a giants pitcher walks the opposing pitcher, batting 9th, on 4 pitches that is 3 drinks)
any giants error

Those are thanks to Tom. Poster Jefferson of Skaldheim adds, "Every time Tomko gives up a home run, take a drink." And props to poster Fog City Blues, Doug of Westwood Blues (see sidebar) for starting it up.

Read this thread for details. Imagine how amazing Barry's achievements would look through some thick vodka and beer goggles.

10 April 2004

A's and Giants today.

I went to my first game of the season this afternoon, watching the Athletics and Mariners in Oakland's cavernous Network Associates Alameda County Coliseum Stadium. Tim Hudson was shaky back on opening night and in the first inning this afternoon. Ichiro doubled to lead off and eventually came around. Hudson has been clearly the best of Oakland's squad of young pitchers, so I was worried. I need not have bothered.

15 pitches in the first inning in giving up a run, then 71 for the final eight innings. Hudson faced the minimum batters over those innings, enducing double plays following an error and a single. He looked good, efficient, and confident in making batters look foolishly off balance.

Of course, with Seattle swinging at everything near the plate, he didn't have too hard a job. David at U.S.S. Mariner chimed in midgame to point out the lack of patience from his team's hitters. Sometimes, even when they're striking out looking, it's good to be an A's fan.

As for the Giants, well they're winning as of press time. Scratch that. Tied. I'll post about this later tonight, after the game. Godspeed you, noble Giants!

09 April 2004

Well don't I have egg on my face. Yes, that was me chanting for the past and future successes of our new closer. I couldn't help but think of a possible Rodriguez, Herges, Nen semi-supergroup, with the best of them all, Mr. Herges, getting the key innings.

I'm not fool enough to retract those statements below following one bad game, but shucks am I upset that I was not immediately vindicated in my spread of good cheer. Effing Herges. One and two thirds innings [incidentally, why does "1.2" = "1 2/3" when it comes to baseball innings?], 3 hits, 2 walks, 3 runs, of course contributing to 1 blown save and 1 Giants loss. All bad.

This puts the Giants outside of a share of first place for the first time since the 2002 season, but that's just an oddity like, "Neifi Perez has a higher batting average than Barry Bonds." What's more significant--but still admitedly relatively unimportant--is that the bullpen failed them pretty badly. The box score is ugly. 11 baserunners in 4 innings rarely doesn't end badly. Usually, actually, it will end with your team blowing leads in the ninth and tenth innings, which then usually leads to losses like tonight's.

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